About Us


LaCendrillon®, a division of Health Treasure Laboratory, provides a wide range of organic, natural and result oriented skin care products. Our company was founded in Vancouver Canada in 2014 and prides itself on having built a strong in-house team of highly knowledgeable skin care professionals, also known as our "LaCendrillon® Organic Team". LaCendrillon® Organic Team are professionals with the highest level of knowledge regarding the skin’s physiology, the science behind each ingredient used in our product line and most importantly, offering our diverse clientele guidance in the choice of products specific to their skin type. They provide great support in terms of at-home skin care routine and application tips to obtain the best results our clients wish to achieve.

LaCendrillon® also is an international brand providing TRUE natural & organic skincare products delivering the highest quality skincare products to North America & Asian countries. Throughout the pass 3 years, our company has developed our own formulation and has successfully registered with Health Canada department with the Cosmetic Notification Number with each products we produce. And also successfully obtain to the ECOCERT certification for our organic products.

As a “Your Trust Skincare Brand”, LaCendrillon® has put together a most updated knowledge and training platform, aimed at helping our consumer to learn more efficient and healthy information with skincare worldwide.